Hmmm….blogging….if I’m so obsessed with Facebook, does that mean I’m susceptible to becoming a blogging addict as well?

In recent months, I have taken on the very enjoyable (in my opinion :)) hobby of couponing.  Although, couponing seems like such a dull way to describe the experience.  At our house, it’s called “mama’s treasure hunting!”

As I’ve become more involved in this new activity, I’ve felt compelled to tell people about it.  How can you not share the news that you just purchased Kraft cheese for $0.17 a package!  More and more people have been telling me, “you have to tell me how you do this!?”  So…….a blog.

I do not have the ambition to be an all-inclusive deal site.  I leave that to fabulous people like Crystal at .  Working full-time and living my life just do not allow for that kind of time commitment at this point.  I can, however, share the deals that I find each week.  Then, if you need the same item, VOILA!, you have the deal plan! 😀

Who knows, maybe someday I’ll be good enough (or motivated enough) to make some money with this blogging thing!

So, game plan?  I plan to post my own grocery/deal lists each week.  I usually shop each week at Meijer and CVS, with the occasional trip to Walgreens thrown in.  I’ll include some pictures of my especially spectacular deals and maybe a weekly menu here and there.  After all, you can buy the cheapest groceries in the world and if there’s no plan to go with them, you’ll probably end up eating take out or hopping in the car and heading out to the nearest restaurant.  Once you arrive there you’ll pay 5x (or more) as much for food that you quite possibly have the ingredients for at home!  So much for the budget!! 🙂

I hope the info I provide is helpful.  If anyone has suggestions for what they’d like to see, I’m open to “site topic” suggestions!

Here we go!