Here’s what we’re eating for the next few days (deals used to purchase food included where applicable)

Thursday (9/16):

We ate leftover lasagna and some raw veggies last night.  I have found the one simple way to save money is to actually EAT the leftovers instead of storing them in the fridge for a week and then throwing them away. 🙂

Friday (9/17):

-Steak and veggie stir fry

-Pillsbury crescent rolls (purchased for $.33 at Meijer after coupons and catalinas)

I’ll be using Simply Asia stir fry sauce ($1.29 price drop at Meijer) that I bought using a printable coupon for $.50/1 from here.

The steak was in my freezer from some random stock up price a few weeks ago.  The rice I received from a friend for free when they were cleaning out their kitchen in preparation of a big move.

Overall, Friday’s meal should cost about $2 out of pocket to feed all three of us (and just possibly have one serving of leftovers!).

Saturday (9/18):

-Shredded pork tacos (with lettuce, tomato, sour cream)

-Tortilla chips/salsa

The pork will be placed in the crock pot all day with half a packet of taco seasoning (which was free or $.10, I can’t remember) and a splash of water.  I shred it about 20 minutes before serving.  The pork is a section of pork loin that I bought for $8.50 ($1.49/lb).  I cut it into 4 sections, so I’ll be using $2.12 worth for this meal.

The salsa and sour cream were free after coupons and catalinas.  I figure we’ll use about $.50-$1 worth of lettuce and tomatoes for topping and maybe $.50 worth of chips from the Meijer brand family size bag.

So, all told this meal should cost around $5  after you throw in the tortillas for the tacos.  We always have one serving of this meal leftover as well.

Sunday (9/19):

We’re headed to the B-100 Birthday party.  We’ll plan to bring a cooler of snacks, but we’ll probably also buy a meal from the concessions….not healthy or cost-effective, but it’s our eating out day for this weekend.

There’s a summary of the next few days.  I’ll plan next week’s menu after consulting the freezer for items we already have and checking the ads on Sunday for this week’s hot deals.