I’m a little disappointed in the deals offered at Walgreens this week.  I’ll be the first to admit, I am not the biggest Walgreens fan and don’t generally shop there unless the deal is just TOO amazing to pass up.  They had just such a deal on pop a couple weeks ago and now I have register rewards (click the link to learn the basics of shopping at Walgreens from Money Saving Mom) that I have to redeem before they expire.

So, I have $5 in register rewards (RR) to use.  Here’s my plan:

Energizer batteries (AAA) $2.99

-$1/1 printed from here

=$1.99 paid out-of-pocket (OOP)

Right Guard Deodorant (Buy One, Get One Free)

-$3/2 printed from here

=not sure the final price, but CHEAP 🙂 (if it’s not cheap when I get there, I’ll skip this deal)

(2) Reese’s Pumpkins $.39 (after coupon in ad)


Finish Jet Dry $3.99 (Get $1RR)

-$.75/1 from here

=$3.24 (OOP)

Total OOP= $6.01 (use $5RR)

= $1.55 including tax (and get back $1RR for next time)

It’s not going to be my greatest trip to Walgreens, but not bad.