Here’s this week’s plan:

Monday, Sept. 20:

Leftover buffett: we have leftover stir fry, pizza,  and pork taco meat.  I’m telling you…EAT THE LEFTOVERS!!

Total meal price: FREE (because prices were already accounted for the first time we ate it :))

Tuesday, Sept. 21:

-Southwestern Paninis (our favorite sandwich recipe)

-Raw veggies (usually about $1.80 for a tub of pre-cut veggies, we’ll use about half for this meal)

with blue cheese dressing for dipping (bought on sale with coupon for $1.50, used endlessly :))

-chips (probably about $1.50 a bag) or soup (free after coupons)

Total meal price: approx. $5

Wednesday, Sept. 22:

-Cod (I’m trying this recipe, I’ll let you know how it turns out) ($3.99 for fish + ingredients = $5) Update: this recipe turned out just ok.  I’ll give it a 3.5/5.  The flavor was ok, but the texture could have been better.

-Alfredo noodles (purchased for $.25 +milk, butter to make=$.50)

-Homemade butter dipped biscuits (yum!) (approx. $1)

-Salad with blue cheese dressing (approx. $1)

Total meal price: $7.50-$8

Thursday, Sept. 23:

Creamy Spinach Sausage Pasta (ingredient total=$3.50)

Raw veggies with blue cheese dressing (approx. $1)

Toasted Parmesan bread (approx. $1)

Total meal price: $5.50

Friday, Sept. 24

I work, so the “boys” are on their own.

This equals a sandwiches, leftovers, raid the freezer kind of night.

Total meal price: up in the air, but as long as they eat from home….CHEAP!

Saturday, Sept. 25

If we do a good job and stick to our menu this week, we’ll use this night to go out.

Some favorite restaurants: Barnaby’s, The Nuggett, Max and Erma’s, Hacienda