Here’s this weeks “Quick and Dirt Cheap” menu.  Remember, the best menu tips…..plan ahead a little and EAT THE LEFTOVERS (even if you just use them for lunches and never dinners, it saves a lot of money)!

Sunday, Sept. 26:
Slow-cooked shredded pork sandwiches (chunk of pork loin $2.10+Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce $0.50+buns $0.50)
Stouffer’s macaroni and cheese $4.29 (kind of expensive for a pan of mac and cheese, but we’re dog-sitting this weekend, so convenience is key!)
Raw veggies and blue cheese dressing $1
Total meal cost: $8.30ish

Monday, Sept 27:
“Appetizer” meal (this is just various misc. “stuff”, it’s a fun easy meal every once in awhile)
-Salsa and cream cheese dip with tortilla chips ($1.50)
-leftover mac and cheese (FREE)
-Raw veggies and blue cheese dressing ($1)
-Crackers, cheese, pepperoni, ham ($1.50)
Total meal cost: $4

Tuesday, Sept 28:
Out to eat: We really saved money last week, because we ended up not going out to eat AT ALL!!  Big step for us!

Wednesday, Sept. 29:
Lunch meat sandwiches ($3)
“out to eat” leftovers (FREE)

Thursday, Sept. 30:

Italian Sausage Pasta with Spinach (ingredient total=$3.50) – we ended up not having this last week, so it got bumped to this week

Salad with blue cheese dressing (approx. $1)

Garlic cheese bread (free at Meijer)

Total meal price: $5.50

Friday, Oct. 1:
Leftovers (FREE)
? (still trying to decide on this, maybe the Meijer deals will reveal something tasty!)

Saturday, Oct 2:

PetsConnect “Reunion” – some type of food is available 🙂