Sunday, Oct 3

Leftovers from PetsConnect Reunion and from eating out Thursday last week

Monday, Oct 4

Hot Dogs on a bonfire ($0.50)
Buns (free – they were given to us)
Veggies and Blue cheese dressing dip ($1)
Chips ($0.50)

Total for meal: $2

Tuesday, Oct 5

Italian Sausage Pasta with Spinach (ingredient total=$3.50) – we ended up not having this last week, so it got bumped for the second week in a row πŸ˜€

Salad with blue cheese dressing (approx. $1)

Garlic cheese bread (free at Meijer)

Total meal price: $5.50

Wednesday, Oct 6

Leftovers (FREE)


Sandwiches ($2-3) with veggies and chips ($2)

=less than $5

Thursday, Oct 7

We’re headed out to eat this evening after promising the waitress at one of our favorite restaurants. πŸ™‚

Friday, Oct 8

Out to eat leftovers (FREE)


Sandwiches ($2-3) with veggies and chips ($2)

=less than $5

Saturday, Oct 9

I’m going out of town for the weekend, so the “boys” will be on their own.Β  That means simple is the way to go!

Papa John’s Delivery (they’re running some great deals right now that result in a large amount of leftovers!) ($15?)

Sunday, Oct 10

Stouffer’s Lasagna ($3.50)

Veggies with Blue Cheese dressing dip ($1)

Parmesan Cheese bread ($1)

Total for meal=$5.50

Monday, Oct 11

Leftovers from the two previous nights or “scrounge-a-meal” πŸ™‚

Total for meal=from cheap to FREE