UPDATE:  I made this yogurt yesterday and it turned out fairly ok. 🙂  It really was REALLY easy and the flavor is a pretty “normal” plain yogurt flavor!  Next time I want to have cheesecloth on-hand to try straining more of the liquid out.  I used the coffee filter method mentioned in the recipe, but it took a long time and I feel like the cheesecloth might be quicker/more effective.  I added some chopped peaches and I thought it was good.   The “boys” needed a little honey added with the peaches to sweeten it up.  I think my method needs a little tweaking and we’ll definitely be experimenting with different flavor/sweetener combos, but I think this recipe will be used again at our house!!  So exciting.  The best part is it was so cheap and now I know what’s in our yogurt….milk, fruit and a little honey…..that’s IT!!

I found this really interesting recipe for making homemade yogurt in the crockpot.  I find this fascinating and I’m definitely going to try it out.  The more reading I do, the more I think I need to start cooking strictly from scratch whenever possible.  It sure can’t hurt!! 😀


Thanks to crockpot365.blogspot.com for this cool recipe!!