There are a number of things going on this week, so I’m preparing myself to spend a bit more on our menu.

Sunday, October 24

Shredded BBQ pork sandwiches ($3)
Fresh pre-cut veggies with blue cheese dsg ($1)
Chips (<$1)
Homemade applesauce (<$1)

Total for meal: $5

Monday, October 25
Out to eat (Carraba’s!)
-use “free appetizer” coupon that I got for signing up for their email list

Tuesday, October 26
Sausage and Peppers Penne ($3)-I’m “altering/making up” a recipe, I’ll post it after I see how it turns out. 😀
Rhodes Warm and Serve Rolls ($1)

Total meal cost: <$5

Wednesday, October 27
Pork Chops ($2)
Stovetop Dressing ($0.50)
Veggies and Blue Cheese Dsg ($1)
Pillsbury Buttermilk biscuits (<$1)

Total for meal: <$5

Thursday, October 28
Leftovers (FREE)
Deli sandwiches ($3)

Friday, October 29
Leftovers (FREE)
Deli sandwiches ($3)
-whichever we didn’t have Thursday night

Saturday, October 30
we’ll be visiting family, so it’s an out to eat evening!

I’m also going to try out making “Crockpot Yogurt” this week.  I’ll update my post after I see how it turns out!
Another “experiment” that I’m going to try this week is “pearsauce.”  It’s made the same as applesauce and I’m really excited to try it out.  I’ll post the recipe and “verdict” after I make it!!