So, I decided to try making “pearsauce.”  I figured, if you can cut up apples and cook them into applesauce, the same can be done with pears, too, right?  Well, in theory, yes.  However, a couple of  important things to note if you decide to attempt this deviation from the “norm.”

1. While it is possible to make applesauce by cooking the apples with the peels on and then straining them out of the completed sauce, you should NOT do this with pears.  I discovered the pear skin cooks down to such a soft consistency that when you strain it the peels go right now through with the sauce.  Unknowingly, I made “high-fiber” pearsauce!

2. Pears have a stringier consistency than apples, so my cooking time was quite a bit longer than when I make applesauce using McIntosh apples.

Despite the difference from what I was expecting, the flavor of the sauce was really good.  I really want to try making this sauce again, but next time I’ll be sure to peel the pears BEFORE I cook them.