So, we have recently decided that we want to eat more “natural,” less-processed foods.  For us this doesn’t necessarily mean organic, just foods that don’t have quite so many odd, chemical-sounding names in the ingredient lists!

We are fortunate to have a nice farmer’s market in the area that’s opened year-round.  I need to get more motivated and head over to the farmer’s market on a regular basis.

The second place that I fully intend to frequent more often is Shelton’s Farm Market.  They have a great meat market.  I can get fresh thick-sliced bacon at a very reasonable price.  They also sell “bulk” cuts of meat at a decreased price/lb.  They have local seasonal vegetables and local baked goods.  I’m hoping to get more and more of my “fresh” food at Shelton’s.

Over the next few weeks, hopefully, my recipes and meal plans will reflect our new “natural” focus.  I’ll keep you posted!!