Yikes, this menu is overdue……oh, well, better late than never.  You can maybe get some ideas for next week. 🙂

Sunday, October 31

Bacon and Tomato Grilled Cheese (approx. $4)
Macaroni and Cheese ($1)
Fresh veggies with blue cheese dsg ($1)

Monday, November 1

Misc. freezer food/PBJ sandwich (<$5)

Tuesday, November 2

Toasted ham sandwiches (approx. $3)
Chips ($1)
Fresh cut veggies and blue cheese dsg ($1)

Wednesday, November 3

Out to eat at “The Nuggett” ($25)

Thursday, November 4

Lasagna ($5)
Parmesan cheese bread ($1)
Fresh cut veggies and blue cheese dsg (do you see a pattern for our dinner veggie intake? :)) ($1)

Friday, November 5

Carryout pizza ($10)

Saturday, November 6

Leftover pizza or lasagna (FREE)