I decided to spend a good portion of my day off today making some yummy things to eat this weekend.  I scored some really cheap apples from Shelton’s earlier this week, so you will see a large apple presence in these recipes. 🙂

Item #1:

All I do to make applesauce is peel and core the apples, then I place the sliced apples in a large pan on the stovetop with just enough water to cover the bottom of the pan.  This keeps the apples from scorching before they begin to release their own juice.  Cook on medium until the apples are soft.  Mash them to the desired consistency and DONE!

Item #2:

Apple Bread-this recipe is a variation of the Zucchini bread recipe in the “Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook”

Item #3:

Vanilla Pudding-this is another recipe from the “Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook”
-this recipe says it calls for “lactose free” milk; in the actual cookbook it just says milk and that’s what I used.  It turned out perfect and creamy!