Sunday, November 7

Leftover (FREE)

Monday, November 8

Pork chops ($2)
Homemade Mac and Cheese ($2)
Salad and Blue Cheese Dsg ($3)

Tuesday, November 9

Spaghetti with Italian Sausage ($2)
Parmesan Cheese Bread ($1)
Fresh Veggies with Blue Cheese Dsg ($1)

Wednesday, November 10

Out to eat ($30)

Thursday, November 11 (Happy Veteran’s Day!!)

Deli sandwiches ($3)
Chips ($1)
Fresh veggies with Blue cheese dsg ($1)

Friday, November 12

“Raid the fridge/freezer” night (price unknown)

Saturday, November 13

Creole Mustard Tilapia ($3.50 for the fish, the seasoning was FREE)
Butter noodles ($1)
Salad ($3)

Total for all dinners for the week=approx. $55 (including a dinner out at a local burger pub!)