This week has been pretty disorganized so much and we’ve already eaten out three times. 😦  I’m hoping to turn it around for the rest of the week.

Sunday, November 14

Out to eat – The Nuggett ($30)

Monday, November 15

Stouffer’s lasagna ($2)
Parmesan cheese bread ($1)
Fresh veggies and blue cheese dressing ($1)

Tuesday, November 16

Papa John’s Pizza ($13)

Wednesday, November 17

out to eat- Riverfront Cafe ($40)

Thursday, November 18

Deli meat sandwiches ($3)
Fresh cut veggies ($1)
Chips ($1)

Friday, November 19

Chicken and Black Bean Tacos ($2)
Chips and guacamole ($1)

Saturday, November 20

Chili ($3)
Cornbread ($1)

So, the second half of the week is a little more budget friendly than the first half.   Oh, well.  We just have those weeks sometimes, when planning gets away from us. 😛