Okay, so here’s a traditional Thanksgiving meal at our house (Designed to serve 10-12 adults and 3 kids).  I’m going to try and find deals available the rest of this week and next week to share with you.  I personally have already gotten some of these things, because I knew I would need them.

For reference, Meijer is offering a “Deluxe Thanksgiving Dinner” for $39.99.  You get turkey, gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce and two sides.  Bread, dessert and more sides extra.  They say that it will serve 6-8.

Turkey (I believe you’re suppose to estimate 1 lb per person) (I bought an 11 lb turkey; paid $3.25 after discount)
-Meijer (now and next week): Get $9 off a hen turkey or $16 off a tom turkey with a $20 purchase (this can result in a turkey for as low as $0.25/lb)

Gravy made from Turkey “juice” and drippings

Homemade Dressing (we cook ours outside the bird)
-you don’t need high quality bread for this; one loaf of white, one of wheat (I usually buy whichever brand is cheapest that week!)

Green Bean Casserole
-use $0.50/1 French fried onions here (lg can is on sale this week at Meijer for $2.99)
-Meijer cut green beans $0.39 (this week)
-Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup $0.59 (Meijer this week) or Meijer Cream of Mushroom $0.44 (next week)

Mashed Potatoes
-10 lb Russet potatoes $2.77 (Meijer this week)

Sweet Potato and Apple casserole
-sweet potatoes $0.25/lb (this week and next week at Meijer)
-3 lb bag of apples $2.50 (Meijer this week)

Cranberry jello salad
-whole berry cranberry sauce $0.79 (Meijer this week)
-Raspberry jello 2/$1 (Meijer this week)

Rolls (we usually make them from scratch which is cheapest, but if you don’t feel like doing that……)
-Frozen Rhodes White Dinner Rolls (32ct)  2/$6 (use $1/1 from Sunday coupon inserts)

Apple Pie
-use the apples from the 3 lb bag listed above!

Pumpkin Pie
-I’m watching for a deal on canned pumpkin….we’ll see!

So, if you haven’t started shopping yet, you should be able to get all the ingredients for a Thanksgiving dinner that will serve 12 people for approx $20

Disclaimer: this assumes that your house is already stocked with things like flour and milk for the gravy and flour and oil for the pie crusts and milk and butter for mixing into the mashed potatoes 🙂  However, there are some good deals on these staples right now, too, so if you don’t have these items your overall cost shouldn’t increase too dramatically.