Is there a way to serve a whole party of people, but not break the bank?  Of course!

Here’s a sample menu for our party:

Chili is great for a party, because you can put out toppings and people can personalize their own bowl.  Plus, most of the ingredients can be bought for cheap or even free!  Things like kidney beans, salsa, and tomato sauce go on killer sales and last for a long time.  Keep them on hand to whip up this easy chili recipe for your next party.  People can add more salsa, shredded cheese, sour cream or crackers to make their chili their own! 🙂

Dips and chips:
Last week at Meijer you could get “Heluva” dips for free.  We’re having ‘Garlic and Parmesan’ and ‘Jalapeno Cheddar’ with our chips.  Meijer also had Lays potato chips on sale B1G1, so they were only $1.99/bag.
Last week at Target you could get two bags of Tostitos tortilla chips and a jar of Tostito’s Salsa for $2.29 total.  Guess what is going to be served at the Super Bowl party.
Last week at Kroger they had a great deal on Hormel chili, velveeta, Rotel tomatoes, and cream cheese.  Add some Rotel to melted Velveeta = delicious!  I’ve also had a dip made with Hormel and cream cheese that was super yummy!
A final dip that I’m going to try for this party is Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Chicken Dip. They had the sauce priced really reasonably at Kroger last week.

If you stocked up on the 12-pack cans or the 2 liters from CVS a couple weeks ago, you should be all set to have a very caffeinated group of party-goers! 🙂