One of the things that couponing allows me to do is give to my local food pantry to a degree that I never could before.  Often, I receive valuable coupons for items that we just don’t use.  However, if an item is FREE or close to free, I’ll buy it anyway and put it in the “to-go” bag at home.
I currently have a fairly full bag that needs to be dropped off at the food pantry.  Here’s what’s in it (I’ve listed the items and their “shelf” price with what I paid in parentheses):

(1) Cinnamon Burst Cheerios $2.50 ($0.0)
(1) Cinnamon Chex $2.50 ($0.0)
(1) Special K Strawberry $2.50 ($1)
(4) Aunt Annie’s Mac and Cheese $1.29 ($0.25/box)
(2) Similac Ready to Feed 8 oz bottles $2.89 ($0.0)
(1) Similac Ready to Feed 1 quart bottle $3.84 ($0.84)
(3) Jiffy Peanut Butter $2/jar ($0.67/jar)
(2) Excedrin (20 ct) $5? ($0.0)
(2) Advil (20 ct) $5? ($0.0)
(1) Idahoan potatoes $1.25 ($0.0)
(1) Stove Top $1.25 ($0.0)

Total shelf price for all items in the bag: $50.78
Total paid: $4.84

I could not afford $50.78 out of my own grocery budget to give food items to the food pantry.  However, I CAN afford $4.84.  By buying items at deeply discounted prices, my money that I do have to give goes so much further.  So next time you see that almost free item that your family doesn’t eat, think about buying it for a donation!