We’re taking our first camping trip of the year soon and I’m so excited!  Why is it that sleeping in a cloth house, using a vault (isn’t that a nicer word for them than ‘pit’ :)) toilet, not showering for a couple days and washing dishes by hand is so much FUN!! 🙂
I’m planning out my menu and making my packing list this weekend.  Each year we buy one thing to add to our camping supplies (most of which are borrowed from my parents, which allows us this one purchase a year to accumulate our own stuff).  Adding new items slowly to existing or “make-do” items is one way to pay for things up front.  Would it be more fun to go out camping with all new shiny gear….I’m sure!  However, I would NOT enjoy paying off the debt (or the interest which makes things much more expensive in the long run!).
This year’s purchase is going to be a medium-sized cooler.  I contemplated a bigger cooler….they just look cool and official, but we usually only end up camping for extended weekends.  I think we can manage without the “Marine 6 day ice holds 8000 cans of beer” cooler! 🙂
I’m hoping to purchase a 36 quart Coleman Xtreme cooler at Meijer.  I have a catalina coupon that printed at the register this week for $4 off a $30 or $7 off a $50 sporting goods purchase.  I love those random catalinas!
Ok, on to the camping menu.  The key to successfully cooking at a campsite is planning, planning, planning.
We’re leaving on a Friday afternoon, so we’ll eat lunch at home.
Friday dinner:
Foil dinners
Parmesan toast

Saturday breakfast:
Ham and Cheese Eggs

Saturday lunch:
Yogurt and Fruit
Beef sticks
Cheese and crackers

Saturday dinner:
Campfire Potatoes
Veggies and Dip

Sunday breakfast:
Pancakes with butter and syrup

Sunday lunch:
Ham sandwiches
Veggies and Dip

After lunch we’ll pack up and head home.  Ahhhh, camping! 🙂