So, one of the things that I’ve appreciated as I’ve perused the great wide world of blogs are all the neat recipe ideas I find.  I’ve been trying to test out new things that sound good in an effort to add a little variety to our diets.

Here are my efforts this week:

Frozen Banana Bites ~ chocolate, peanut butter, banana all in little bite size treats……yeah, I HAD to try this one!! 🙂

“Homemade” Pickles ~ not exactly homemade, but this is a fun little project.  I want to try REALLY homemade pickles, but that will be another day.
-just cut up some small salad/pickling cucumbers and put them in the jar with the old juice.  Refrigerate and they say that in a few days you have another jar of pickles….we’ll see!!

Whole Milk Yogurt ~ this is not a new project, but we’re out, so time to make more!

I think that’s all I’m going to get to today.  I’ll keep you posted on the results!