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After last week’s AMAZING deal on V-Fusion anything Meijer had to offer this week was going to be a let-down! 🙂

Here’s what I’m hoping to get:
(20) Kool-Aid packets 10/$1 (these are getting donated, we NEVER drink this and we have plenty of V-Fusion to drink! :))
-get catalina coupon for FREE Meijer Sugar wyb 20 kool-aid packets

Cucumbers 3/$1
Sweet Cherries $2.99/lb
Peaches/Nectarines/Plums $0.77/lb

Cat Toys; Buy One, Get One for $1

This is actually all I’m getting from Meijer this week.  I’m hoping for good deals on meat from Shelton’s this week.


There’s just one amazing deal at Meijer that I MUST get this week. 🙂

V-Fusion 46 oz 2/$5
-use $1.50/1 from Sunday paper last week (I also ordered extras from E-bay)
-use $1/2 Meijer Mealbox printable

=$0.50 each!!!!  These are regularly priced $3.49 at my store.  I am ECSTATIC over this deal!  This is our absolute favorite juice!!!

My 10 for $10 deal list:
(2) Green Giant Frozen veggies 10/$10
-use $0.50/1 printable
(2) Nature Sweet Cherry tomatoes
-use $0.55/1 from Sunday paper (sorry I forget which week it was)
(2) Hunt’s Ketchup 10/$10
-use $0.25/1 printable (use zip 17042)
(1) Hormel Sliced Pepperoni 10/$10
-use $0.55/1 from Sunday paper
(2) Sierra Mist 10/$10
-use $1/2 wyb $4 produce
(1) Meijer Freezer bags 10/$10
(1) Meijer Fruit Snacks

Sweet Cherries $2.99/lb
Center Cut Half Boneless Pork Loin $1.99/lb  (I use this for all kinds of meals: sliced for pork chops, slow cooked for BBQ pork sandwiches and shredded pork tacos!)
(3) Seattle’s Best Coffee $5.99
-use $2/1 printable
-use $1/3 Meijer mealbox printable
(2) Thomas’ English Muffins B1G1
-use $0.50/1 Meijer mealbox printable
Graeter’s Ice Cream $3.99 (an Ohio classic, this stuff is AMAZING!)
(4) Philadelphia Cream Cheese 2/$3 (I should buy stock in cream cheese!  We eat a TON of it!!)
(1) Simply OJ 2/$6
(2) Meijer milk 2/$5
(2) Meijer frozen fruit 4/$10
(1) Camping Cooler (price unknown so far :))
-use $4/$30 sporting goods purchase catalina coupon

-use $3.50/$70 purchase catalina coupon

That’s my plan.  I’ll update after I actually go shopping! 🙂

I’m VERY underwhelmed by the deals at Meijer this week.  I am planning on hitting up the pet supply sale, though.

My sweet hubby went “meat” shopping today at Shelton’s Farm Market, so we’re all set with bacon and steak (for us) and chicken (for dog food).

Here’s my Meijer list for this week:

(3) Tidy Cat Multi-Cat clumping litter (I don’t know how much it is)
-use (3) $1/1 peelies from previous purchase
-use $5.50/3 Meijer coupon
-buy $30 in purina litter, get $5 off instantly

(1) Milk $2.50

(1) Dietz and Watson Ham $6.99/lb (this is my favorite lunch meat, because it’s minimally processed and has no added MSG)

(1) Colby Jack deli cheese $4.99/lb

(1) Pompeian Olive Oil 50% off
-use $1/1 printable

(2) Totinos Party Pizza (I know these are the epitome of garbage food, but the hubby likes to have a couple on hand to make in a pinch)
-use $0.50/2 from Sunday paper

Overall, it’s a slow week.  Here’s hoping for more exciting things next week!


Finally, I’m back to organizing my lists and posting some deals!

Chi-Chi’s salsa $0.99
-use $0.50/1 from Sunday paper inserts

Knorr Rice/Pasta Sides $1
-use $1/4 Meijer mealbox
-use $0.50/2 from Sunday paper 5/22

(2) Kellogg’s Corn Flakes 2/$5
-use $1/2 printable

(4) Juicy Juice 2/$5
-use $2/4 Meijer mealbox
-use (2) $0.50/1 printable (no longer available)
-use $1/2 printable
-PLUS, buy 2 Kellogg’s cereals and 2 Juicy Juice, get $3 off instantly

(4) Knorr Rice and Pasta Sides $1
use  $1/4 Meijer Mealbox
-use (2) $0.50/2 from Sunday paper

(1) Magnum Ice Cream bars $3 (these are GOOD)
-use $1/1 Meijer mealbox
-use $1/1 from Sunday paper 5/22

Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce $1 (our favorite!)

Cool Whip $0.99 (gotta get this to use in THIS recipe)

Corn 6/$1

Strawberries 2/$3

Coppertone Suncare 25% off
-I have some $1/1 ANY Coppertone product.  I’m going to see what kind of deal I can get!

I just got a few things at Meijer today.  I’ll probably go back again later in the week for another couple things, but here’s what I got so far.

(3) Cheerios 2/$5
-use Buy 3, Get $4 off catalina coupon from last week
-use (3) $0.55/1 printable (from early last month)
(1) Meijer brats $3.49
(1) Hebrew National Hot Dogs $3.98
(1) Meijer Hot Dog Buns $1.11
(2) Strawberries 2/$3
(1) Purina One Beyond cat food 1 1b. $2
-use $2/1

Total before coupons/sales: $26.71
Total paid: $13.57 (total savings 50%)

Next week at Meijer is looking better than the last couple of weeks!  I checked out the Meijer ad preview on Facebook and I’ve started my list!

(4) Land of Lakes Butter 2/$6
-use (2) $0.50/2 printable

(4) Kraft Shredded Cheese $1.88
-use (4) $0.50/1 printable (if you haven’t already printed it) (if you have 4 of the coupon, split your cheese into two transactions, so you get the doubling on all your coupons!)
-use $1/2 printable

(4) Select Kellogg’s cereals (see ad)- buy 4, Get One Gallon Meijer Milk free
-use $0.70/1 Raisin Bran printable
-I also have some coupons for the cereal that were in previous cereal boxes
-Don’t forget about the mail-in-rebate offer going on, too!

Duncan Hines Brownie Mix 4/$5
-use $0.50/1 printable (I don’t think it’s available anymore, I couldn’t find it)

(4) Nestle Tollhouse Baking morsels 2/$4
-use (2) $0.50/2 printable

Cooks Shank Portion Smoked Ham $0.89/lb

Reddi-Whip $1.89
-use $0.35/1 Reddi Wip from Sunday paper 4/10

(2) DelMonte Tomatoes 5/$5
-use $1/2 Mperks digital
(8) DelMonte Canned Fruit $0.97
-buy any 10 DelMonte items get $2 off instantly at checkout
(if the Contadina sauce is included in the promo, sub 2 of those @ 5/$5 and use the $1/2 Mperks digital coupon for them)

There’s my list!  Some good match-ups are available this week! 🙂

So, I didn’t post any Meijer deals for this week, because I barely bought anything.  It was a slow week!  Next week looks about the same, I think.

My list:
Meijer milk $2.50 (that price is going up quickly, it was $2 on sale just a couple months ago)
Doritos $3.99 (Buy One, Get One)
Meijer butter $2.50

I don’t see much else that’s on sale AND let’s me save more with coupons.  That’s ok.  We’ll just be eating up some of the stuff in the pantry, I suppose. 🙂

I’m getting my produce for the next couple weeks from B&B Organics.  I got my first box this week and the quality and variety were good.  Having it all on hand makes me more creative with finding ways to use it in meals, too!
We bought a bunch of meats from Shelton’s Farm Market this week, too, so we’re set on meat.

There wasn’t much in the way of great deals at Meijer this week.  I did pick up some Milkbones and tortilla chips.  Hey, it can’t be awesome every week! 🙂

(4) Milkbones $2.62 (Buy One, Get One)
-Buy 4, Get $2 OYNO

(1) Tostitos Artisan Tortilla Chips $3.99
(1) Tostitos Bite size Tortilla Chips $3.99
-Buy One, Get One Free
-use $0.55/1 from Sunday paper insert

I also got some bread, milk, beef, and some organic yogurt.  Looking forward to finding more deals next week!

Meijer has some good deals again this week.  Good FREE or stock-up priced items!

(2) Gain Dryer Sheets $3.99
-use (2) $3/1 Gain fabric softner or dryer sheets
-buy 2, Get $3 on your next order

(1) Pillsbury Sweet Moments $2
-use $0.50/1 printable

Old Orchard juice, 64 oz 3/$5
-use $0.50/1 printable

(2) Dole Fruit Bowls $1.99
-use $0.50/1 printable

Strawberries 1 lb; $1
-great week for yummy strawberry bread

(4) Stouffer’s Frozen meals $2
-use (2) $1/2 from Sunday paper inserts

(2) Meijer frozen mixed berries 2/$5

(1) Frank’s RedHot Sauce $0.99
-use $0.50/1 from Sunday paper 3/13/11

Meijer Top Round Roast Beef $6.99/lb
Deli Sharp Cheddar Cheese $4.09/lb
-perfect to put on the bread I’ve been making this week!

(1) Purina One Beyond Cat Food $2.79
-use FREE up to $3 from Sunday paper 3/13/11

(4) Ball No Sugar Needed Pectin $0.78 (clearance)

(4) Oikos Greek Yogurt 4/$5
-use $1/4 catalina coupon from last week

(3) Stonyfield Whole Milk Yogurt $0.99
-use $0.50/3 printable

(4) Ziploc Sandwich Bags $1.79
-use (2) $1/2 from Sunday paper (don’t remember which week, sorry :/)
-buy 3, Get $2 on your next order

(1) Meijer Colombian coffee $4.59

Mixed pre-cut veggies $1.23
Mixed salad $3.86

Shelf Price: $96.13

Price paid after coupons and discounts: $51.59 (percentage saved 46%)

Not the greatest week ever, but you can’t save 80% EVERY week. 🙂

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