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What to do about coupon burnout?

There are times when Sunday is my favorite day of the week, because that’s when the ads show up neatly tucked into my mailbox.  Then there are times, when seeing that big rolled up newspaper makes me sigh, because it means I have to do more cutting, more sorting, more planning.  What to do on those weeks?

I have found that the best way to deal with my own coupon burnout is to take a mini-vacation.  This does NOT mean go to the store buy all non-sale overpriced items and eat t-bone steaks all week….although that does sound kind of fun, doesn’t it? 🙂

What I mean is, glance through the ads and if no sale is screaming your name, skip the store for the week.  Do you have 4 tubes of toothpaste and the only thing on sale at CVS this week is toothpaste….skip it and file away that ECB for another week.  They do last a month after all!

Uninspired by the grocery store?  Take stock of your pantry.  With a little planning and a grocery store run for bread and milk, you can feed your family well with what’s already in your pantry.  These weeks also help prevent the terrible tragedy known as “hidden waste.”  You know, the food that’s hidden behind all the other food in your pantry and you find it 12 months after it expired. 🙂

Most of all don’t feel guilty because you didn’t rush out to buy all those deals you saw posted on the blogs.  Do you NEED it?  What’s more important: your sanity or grabbing that 8th free tube of toothpaste?  How much toothpaste does one family need after all?  But your coupons are going to expire and you don’t want that to happen, you say?  Brighten someone’s day and leave that coupon on the shelf by the product.  I know I’m excited when I find a coupon near a product that I was planning to buy.  Why not give someone else that lovely feeling?

I’ve come to believe that it’s more important for me to take a break here and there.  It helps me retain the fun of it all rather than couponing becoming a chore.  What things do you do to prevent coupon burnout?  I’m always interested in more ideas. 🙂



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I’m combining my deals this week, because there just aren’t that many. 🙂


(2) Expo Washable Dry Erase markers, 6 packs $3.99
-use $3/1 in store coupon (August coupon book)
-use $2/2 printable (available on Facebook)

(1) Mead Envelopes $0.69
-with in-ad coupon
(1) Mars Candy bar $0.49

-use $1 RR from last week

Pay: $0.18 plus tax 🙂



(1) Deans Milk Gallon $3.19 (Get $1 ECB)

-use $1 ECB from a couple of weeks ago


Here are my school supply deals for this week:

Office Max:

(1) 12 in. wooden ruler $0.01
(2) 24 pack Schoolio crayons $0.01/each

(1) 8-pack Washable Crayola crayons $2 (Get $2 RR) = FREE!!

I’m really starting to make a dent in the school supply list now!!

My 10 for $10 deal list:
(2) Green Giant Frozen veggies 10/$10
-use $0.50/1 printable
(2) Nature Sweet Cherry tomatoes
-use $0.55/1 from Sunday paper (sorry I forget which week it was)
(2) Hunt’s Ketchup 10/$10
-use $0.25/1 printable (use zip 17042)
(1) Hormel Sliced Pepperoni 10/$10
-use $0.55/1 from Sunday paper
(2) Sierra Mist 10/$10
-use $1/2 wyb $4 produce
(1) Meijer Freezer bags 10/$10
(1) Meijer Fruit Snacks

Sweet Cherries $2.99/lb
Center Cut Half Boneless Pork Loin $1.99/lb  (I use this for all kinds of meals: sliced for pork chops, slow cooked for BBQ pork sandwiches and shredded pork tacos!)
(3) Seattle’s Best Coffee $5.99
-use $2/1 printable
-use $1/3 Meijer mealbox printable
(2) Thomas’ English Muffins B1G1
-use $0.50/1 Meijer mealbox printable
Graeter’s Ice Cream $3.99 (an Ohio classic, this stuff is AMAZING!)
(4) Philadelphia Cream Cheese 2/$3 (I should buy stock in cream cheese!  We eat a TON of it!!)
(1) Simply OJ 2/$6
(2) Meijer milk 2/$5
(2) Meijer frozen fruit 4/$10
(1) Camping Cooler (price unknown so far :))
-use $4/$30 sporting goods purchase catalina coupon

-use $3.50/$70 purchase catalina coupon

That’s my plan.  I’ll update after I actually go shopping! 🙂

Finally, I’m back to organizing my lists and posting some deals!

Chi-Chi’s salsa $0.99
-use $0.50/1 from Sunday paper inserts

Knorr Rice/Pasta Sides $1
-use $1/4 Meijer mealbox
-use $0.50/2 from Sunday paper 5/22

(2) Kellogg’s Corn Flakes 2/$5
-use $1/2 printable

(4) Juicy Juice 2/$5
-use $2/4 Meijer mealbox
-use (2) $0.50/1 printable (no longer available)
-use $1/2 printable
-PLUS, buy 2 Kellogg’s cereals and 2 Juicy Juice, get $3 off instantly

(4) Knorr Rice and Pasta Sides $1
use  $1/4 Meijer Mealbox
-use (2) $0.50/2 from Sunday paper

(1) Magnum Ice Cream bars $3 (these are GOOD)
-use $1/1 Meijer mealbox
-use $1/1 from Sunday paper 5/22

Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce $1 (our favorite!)

Cool Whip $0.99 (gotta get this to use in THIS recipe)

Corn 6/$1

Strawberries 2/$3

Coppertone Suncare 25% off
-I have some $1/1 ANY Coppertone product.  I’m going to see what kind of deal I can get!

I just got a few things at Meijer today.  I’ll probably go back again later in the week for another couple things, but here’s what I got so far.

(3) Cheerios 2/$5
-use Buy 3, Get $4 off catalina coupon from last week
-use (3) $0.55/1 printable (from early last month)
(1) Meijer brats $3.49
(1) Hebrew National Hot Dogs $3.98
(1) Meijer Hot Dog Buns $1.11
(2) Strawberries 2/$3
(1) Purina One Beyond cat food 1 1b. $2
-use $2/1

Total before coupons/sales: $26.71
Total paid: $13.57 (total savings 50%)

It was a quick trip to CVS today.  Two transactions.

Transaction #1:
(2) Colgate MaxFresh $2.77 (Buy 1, Get $2.77 ECB, limit 2)
-use (2) $0.75/1 from SmartSource 5/1/11
-use $2 ECB from last week
-pay$2.43 (Get $5.54 ECB)

Transaction #2:
(1) Q-Tips 625 count $4.99
(1) Spice Gumdrops $0.77
-use $5.54 ECB from Transaction #1
-pay $0.62

Total before coupons/ECB: $13.15
Total spent: $3.05 (Total savings 77%)

So, I hit up Walgreens for a few fun deals this afternoon.  I’m all set for razors and toilet paper for awhile! 🙂  It took me five transactions to do what I wanted to do.  The cashier was really patient and friendly, which I so appreciated!

Transaction #1:
Right Guard Deodorant $2.99 (Buy 1, Get $2)
-use $1/1 peelie
GUM EEZ-Thru Flossers $2 (Buy 1, Get $2)
-use $3 Register Reward from last week
-pay $1.34 (Get $4 RR)

Transaction #2:
Gillette ProGlide Razor $9.89 (Buy 1, Get $5 RR)
-use $4/1 from PG insert 5/1/11
(2) Hershey Dark Chocolate with almonds $0.49
-use B1G1 from SS 5/1/11
(1) Hershey symphony $0.49 (filler item)
-use (2) $2 RR from Transaction #1
-pay $3.67 (get $5 RR)

Transaction #3:
(2) Cottonelle 12 count $5 (Buy 2, Get $3 RR)
-use (2) $0.50/1 printable
-use $1/1 from Walgreens May Coupon book (in store)
GUM EEZ-Thru Flossers $2 (Buy 1, Get $2 RR)
-use $5 RR from Transaction #2
-pay $4.84 (Get $2 and $3 RR)

Transaction #4:
BIC Soliel Bella 3-pack razors $5.99 (Buy 1, Get $2 RR)
-use $3/1 Facebook printable
Hershey’s Cookies and Cream candy $0.49
-use $3 RR from Transaction #3
-pay $0.90 (Get $2 RR)

Transaction #5:
Gillette ProGlide Razor $9.89 (Buy 1, Get $5 RR)
-use $4/1 from PG insert 5/1/11
(2) Hershey Dark Chocolate with almonds $0.49
-use B1G1 from SS 5/1/11
(1) Hershey symphony $0.49 (filler item)
-use (2) $2 RR from Transaction #3 and #4
-pay $3.67 (get $5 RR)

Total for all transactions before coupons/register rewards: $62.38
Total spent: $14.42

I’m probably going to go back and do the Cottonelle deal again later this week.
If I can round up another copy of this weekends’ SmartSource insert, I have a Hershey’s candy deal to do to:
(6) Hershey’s Pieces 2/$5 (Buy $15, Get $7 off a movie ticket)
-use (3) $2/2 from SmartSource 5/1/11
(1) Reese’s PB Cup $0.49
-use $5 RR from Transaction #5 above
-pay $4.49 (Get $7 off movie ticket)

So, I realize that Easter baskets have really NOTHING to do with the real meaning of Easter.  However, they are fun and my child enjoys getting one, so….  After discussing the REAL meaning of Easter with him.  He will be receiving a basket.  And, of course, it will be a basket on a budget! 🙂

Here are some items that will be included in the baskets at our house (my husband gets a basket, too :)):
(4) Chocolate covered peeps
-purchased at Walgreens this week 2/$1 (used $1/2 printable no longer available) = FREE
(2) M&Ms mini egg $0.99 (used $2/2 from All You magazine) = FREE
-got these last week at CVS
(2) Reese’s PB egg King Size $0.99 (used $1/2 from Sunday paper) = $0.49 ea.
-got these this week at CVS
(2) Kit-Kat candy bars 2/$1 (used $1/2 from Sunday paper, it pictured easter candy, but worked on these) = FREE
-got these this week at CVS
(2) Reese’s regular Reese’s PB cup 2/$1 (used 1/$2 from Sunday paper-same as Kit-Kat) = FREE
-got these this week at CVS
(1) Hot Wheels car $0.99 (only my son gets one of these, although my husband would probably like one, too :))
(2) Cadbury carmel eggs 2/$1 (used these to fill out an order, so I could use a RR last week at Walgreens) = FREE

Baskets (purchased 2-3 years ago and reused every year :))
Easter “grass” $0.99 (FREE after ECB at CVS this week)

There are a couple other deals that I’m going to try and do yet this week to add to the baskets, but I think I have a pretty good start and I’ve spent $1.97 so far. 🙂
I got the idea to post my basket list from The Krazy Coupon Lady’s post about cheap Easter baskets, check it out!

So, I didn’t post any Meijer deals for this week, because I barely bought anything.  It was a slow week!  Next week looks about the same, I think.

My list:
Meijer milk $2.50 (that price is going up quickly, it was $2 on sale just a couple months ago)
Doritos $3.99 (Buy One, Get One)
Meijer butter $2.50

I don’t see much else that’s on sale AND let’s me save more with coupons.  That’s ok.  We’ll just be eating up some of the stuff in the pantry, I suppose. 🙂

I’m getting my produce for the next couple weeks from B&B Organics.  I got my first box this week and the quality and variety were good.  Having it all on hand makes me more creative with finding ways to use it in meals, too!
We bought a bunch of meats from Shelton’s Farm Market this week, too, so we’re set on meat.

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