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I’m combining my deals this week, because there just aren’t that many. ๐Ÿ™‚


(2) Expo Washable Dry Erase markers, 6 packs $3.99
-use $3/1 in store coupon (August coupon book)
-use $2/2 printable (available on Facebook)

(1) Mead Envelopes $0.69
-with in-ad coupon
(1) Mars Candy bar $0.49

-use $1 RR from last week

Pay: $0.18 plus tax ๐Ÿ™‚



(1) Deans Milk Gallon $3.19 (Get $1 ECB)

-use $1 ECB from a couple of weeks ago



So, I’m still hanging onto three rainchecks from CVS and once again they didn’t have the stuff this week. :/ย  I still scored some fun deals, though.ย  Here’s what I got in three transactions:

Transaction #1:
Tampax Pearl Tampons (18-20 ct)ย  $3.99 (Get $2 ECB)
-use $1/1 coupon from Sunday paper 7/3

Oral-B Cross Action Toothbrush $3 (Get $1 ECB)
-use $2/1 coupon from Sunday paper 7/3

One Gallon Dean’s milk $2.79
-use $0.55/1 hang-tag coupon

Kashi Granola Bars, 6 count $3
-use $2/1 Recycle Bank printable coupon

Total before coupons: $12.78
Total after coupons and ECBs ($5.99+$0.50): $1.28 (including tax!!)
Earned: $2 and $1 ECBs

Transaction #2:
(2) 375 ct Q-Tips 2/$4 (Get $1 ECB on 2)

Total before coupons: $4
Total after ECBs from Transaction #1: $1.28 (including tax!!)
Earned: $1 ECB

Transaction #3: (I haven’t done transaction #3 yet, so I’ll let you know how it goes!)
(2) Coppertone Spray Sunscreen $7.99 (hopefully, this is really the price at my store!)ย  (Get $8 ECB)
-use (2) $1/1 printable
-use $3/1 CVS coupon machine coupon
-use $1 ECB from Transaction #2

Total before coupons: $14.98
Total after coupons and ECBs: $8.98
Earn: $8 ECB

It was a quick trip to CVS today.ย  Two transactions.

Transaction #1:
(2) Colgate MaxFresh $2.77 (Buy 1, Get $2.77 ECB, limit 2)
-use (2) $0.75/1 from SmartSource 5/1/11
-use $2 ECB from last week
-pay$2.43 (Get $5.54 ECB)

Transaction #2:
(1) Q-Tips 625 count $4.99
(1) Spice Gumdrops $0.77
-use $5.54 ECB from Transaction #1
-pay $0.62

Total before coupons/ECB: $13.15
Total spent: $3.05 (Total savings 77%)

So, I realize that Easter baskets have really NOTHING to do with the real meaning of Easter.ย  However, they are fun and my child enjoys getting one, so….ย  After discussing the REAL meaning of Easter with him.ย  He will be receiving a basket.ย  And, of course, it will be a basket on a budget! ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are some items that will be included in the baskets at our house (my husband gets a basket, too :)):
(4) Chocolate covered peeps
-purchased at Walgreens this week 2/$1 (used $1/2 printable no longer available) = FREE
(2) M&Ms mini egg $0.99 (used $2/2 from All You magazine) = FREE
-got these last week at CVS
(2) Reese’s PB egg King Size $0.99 (used $1/2 from Sunday paper) = $0.49 ea.
-got these this week at CVS
(2) Kit-Kat candy bars 2/$1 (used $1/2 from Sunday paper, it pictured easter candy, but worked on these) = FREE
-got these this week at CVS
(2) Reese’s regular Reese’s PB cup 2/$1 (used 1/$2 from Sunday paper-same as Kit-Kat) = FREE
-got these this week at CVS
(1) Hot Wheels car $0.99 (only my son gets one of these, although my husband would probably like one, too :))
(2) Cadbury carmel eggs 2/$1 (used these to fill out an order, so I could use a RR last week at Walgreens) = FREE

Baskets (purchased 2-3 years ago and reused every year :))
Easter “grass” $0.99 (FREE after ECB at CVS this week)

There are a couple other deals that I’m going to try and do yet this week to add to the baskets, but I think I have a pretty good start and I’ve spent $1.97 so far. ๐Ÿ™‚
I got the idea to post my basket list from The Krazy Coupon Lady’s post about cheap Easter baskets, check it out!

There are a few better deals at CVS this week.ย  I’m going to try and head there on Sunday, because I have a $5/$30 coupon.
Here’s my plan:

(1)ย  Easter Grass $0.99
-Buy one, get $0.99 ECB

(2) Dean’s Milk gallon $2.99
-get $1 ECB per gallon (limit 2)

(1) Nivea Body Wash $3.88
-use $3/1 from Sunday paper Apr 17 (if our area gets the coupon)

(1) Colgate $1
-use $1/1 from Sunday paper 4/10 (if the right ones are on sale)

(2) Listerine mouthwash 250 ml $1
-use $2/2 Listerine antiseptic mouthwash printable (not sure if there are any prints available)
Turns out this printable coupon is no longer being taken, because someone copied one and now there are manyย  counterfeits floating around.ย  Check out the info here.

(3) Pantene Pro-V Shampoo/conditioner 3/$12
-buy 3, get $3 ECB
-use (2) $2/1 coupons from home mailers

(1) Cascade Gel, 45 oz $3
-I’m hoping to find a coupon but I really need this, so we’ll see.

(2) Green bag tag $0.99
-get $0.99 ECB (I think the fine print says, limit 2)

Total before coupons and ECBs: $30.83
Total after coupons and ECBs: $3.84 (get $7.97 ECBs)

It’s another smile-worthy trip to CVS!! ๐Ÿ™‚

CVS just made me smile this week.ย  I was so excited that I even told the cashier, “Thanks, I love this place!”ย  I’ve found the cashiers at CVS to be generally REALLY friendly.ย  They seem to enjoy seeing people get good deals.ย  This gentleman said, “It’s fun, isn’t it? :)”

Here’s what I got:
Transaction #1:
Right Guard Body Wash $3.88 (Buy one, get $3 ECB)
-use $1/1 Right Guard product peelie
-use $2.50 ECB from last week

Total shelf price: $5.26
Total after coupons/sales/ECBs: $0.65 (88% savings); plus $3 ECBs for next week

Transaction #2:
Complete Eye Solution $8.99 (Buy one, get $8.99 ECB)
-use $4 ECB and $5 ECB from last week

Total shelf price: $10.62
Total after coupons/sales/ECBs: $0.62 – all sales tax! (95% savings); plus $8.99 ECBs for next week.

So, I’m starting out next week having $11.99 in ExtraCare Bucks to spend at CVS.ย  I think I can find some good deals with that!! ๐Ÿ™‚

This was an AMAZING week for me at CVS.ย ย  The weeks where I leave the store with a huge smile on my face are one of the things that make couponing so much fun!

(1) Kellogg’s Raisin Bran $1.87
-use $0.70/1 printable (no longer available)(2) Colgate 360 Toothbrushes $2.99 (Get $2 ECB, limit 2)
-use $1/1 from Sunday paper insert
-use $1/1 from All You, April 2011

(1) Skintimate Shave Gel $3.49 (Get $2.50 ECB)
-use $0.55/1 from Sunday Paper insert

(1) Bandaid, 30 assort. $4.79 (Spend $10, Get $5 ECB)
(1) Neosporin ointment $5.79
-use $2/2 printable

(1) Aveeno lotion, 2.5 oz $3.69
-use $2.50/1 that I received in the mail

$5/$25 coupon from my email
$6.99 ECB
$1 ECB
$2 ECB

Total shelf price:ย  $31.73
Total after sales and coupons: $3.42 ($11.50 in ECBs for next week!)
Total savings percentage: 89%

There are several Freebies available at CVS this week. ๐Ÿ™‚


(1) Allegra Allergy, 5 count $6.99 (Buy One, Get $6.99)
-use $2/1 Allegra printable

Buy $15, Get $5 ECBs:
(1) Wheat Thins $2
-use $1/1 printable
(1) Triscuits $2
-use $1/1 printable
(3) Coke 2-liters $1
-use Buy One, Get One coupon from Recycle Bank
(2) Coke product, 12 pack cans 3/$13

(2) Crest ProHealth Clinical Gum Toothpaste $3.49
-use (1) $1/1 from PG insert 2/27/11
-use (1) $1/1 from All You April 2011

After I make my trip, I’ll post my total OOP and total savings.ย  Good week at CVS! ๐Ÿ™‚

Weekly CVS Deals

There’s not much at CVS that I’m interested in this week.ย  Although there are a number of deals that might be of interest to others.

I’m thinking of heading out and picking up the free toothpaste, so that I can rotate my ECBs, so they don’t expire. ๐Ÿ™‚

Buy Crest Clinical Gum Toothpaste, $3.49 (Get $2.50 ECBs)
-use $1/1 Crest toothpaste from the PG insert 2/27/11


Interested in the other deals?ย  Check out Money Saving Mom and The Krazy Coupon Lady!

I’m just not overly impressed with the CVS ad this week, so here’s my VERY brief list:


(1) Dean’s Milk Gallon $2.99 (Get $1 ECB)

(1) Candy item (up to $2)
-sign up for a coupon for a free candy or beverage up to $2 value at the CVS Facebook page!

-use $2 ECB; use $0.99 ECB

Pay $0.0 (Get $1 ECB)

Not very exciting, but cheap milk! ๐Ÿ™‚

One deal to watch for:

Revlon nail polish $3.99 (Get $3 ECB)
-some people have gotten a $3/1 Revlon product coupon from the magic coupon machine, if you get this it’s a big money-maker!ย  Thanks, Money Saving Mom!

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