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School Supply Cost List!

I’ll be updating this list each week with the price I paid for supplies.  My goal is less than $5 for the whole list! 🙂

(1) 1″ white three ring binder

(1) 8-pack colored markers FREE!

(2) Black and White composition notebook

(2) 24-pack crayons $0.02

(1) 4-pack Dry Erase markers FREE (using $2/2 coupon from Facebook!)

(4) 2-pocket, 3-prong folders  $0.04

(4) Glue sticks

(1) Roll paper towels

(2) 12-pack Yellow #2 pencils $0.02

(1) large soft zippered pencil case FREE (using last year’s)

(2) Large pink eraser  FREE (purchased at Walgreens using sales and RRs)

(1) Ruler $0.01

(1) Child’s scissors  FREE (using last year’s)

(1) 70-page spiral notebook (purchased at Walgreens using sales and RR)

(1) 8 oz White Glue $0.02

(1) Box Qt. size Ziploc bags

Total spent as of 8/14/11: $0.11


So, there are a few deals worth getting this week at the various stores.

The best deal I see is at Walgreens:

Expo Washable Markers, 6 pack $3.99
-use $3/1 in store coupon (August coupon book in store)
-use $2/2 printable (available on Facebook)


Office Depot:
Composition notebook $0.25
Pocket Folders $0.01
Office Depot brand ruler $0.01
Office Depot Multi-purpose paper, 500 count $0.01 (after mail-in rebate)


Office Max:
The ad doesn’t really have any good deals listed.  I did get a paper bag in my paper from Office Max.  Anything that can fit into the bag is 20% off!

Here are my school supply deals for this week:

Office Max:

(1) 12 in. wooden ruler $0.01
(2) 24 pack Schoolio crayons $0.01/each

(1) 8-pack Washable Crayola crayons $2 (Get $2 RR) = FREE!!

I’m really starting to make a dent in the school supply list now!!

Staples is my favorite for school supplies so far this year!

Here’s what I’m picking up there this week:

(6) Two Pocket, Three Prong folders $0.01 (with $5 purchase)

(2) 500-count printer paper $5.99 ($5.49 Easy Rebate, limit 2)

(1) Zebra pens, 7 count $4 ($4 Easy Rebate)

Total $0.56 (after Easy Rebates)

The great thing about Staples Easy Rebates is that you can file them online.  That saves the cost of a stamp, so you really receive the full rebate amount.  Don’t forget to check out the School Supply Cost List for updates on totals!! 🙂

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